I've been in music for nearly 30 years now.  Started out playing piano, then added baritone and trumpet.  Dropped out of college and joined a band where I played keys, sang backing vocals and ended up managing/booking them.  Added other artists and it grew from there.  I've release my own music and performed out on my own.  I've been blessed to work for one of the top management companies in the world who had artists like LIVE (Radioactive), The Badlees (Atlas/Polydor/A&M), Solution a.d. (Atlantic) and more on their roster.  I personally worked with Fuel (Epic/550) before they were multi-platinum and represented 2003 American Music Award winner Moe Loughran.

My passion is to help people be successful on and off stage.  At this point in my life and the industry my time is best spent consulting with artists as I have time and feel led to serve.  I no longer do this full time and thus am very pickey about who I will spend my limited free time away from my family consulting with.  I'm glad to give references for serious opportunities.  If you'd like to explore consulting contact me at prodigalsonent(at)gmail.com.  Do not send me links, pictures, tracks or anything.  Tell me about you and your music, what you've been doing and why you want help. 

But first start out by simply asking if I'm considering any new projects.  I'll be in touch from there.

I don't give out my address to anyone but clients so don't ask for it.  I've been at this for a long time and if I hear a spark in what you are doing I'll let you know. 

Over the years I've been blessed to work with some of the most amazing artists and ministry groups in the world including:

Skyhawk Drive
Submission Red (Reach Records / Universal Music Group)
August Rain
Joanna Beasley
7 Bridges
Jason Lee McKinney
iShine Live!
KISS Mania
Voices of Rock Radio
Liquid Blue
Joanna Beasley
Lisa Weyerhauser (StrongTree/Blue Myrtle)
The Vow
Spurgatory Records
New River Band
Dave Clo live
Kathleen Carnali (Good Tree)
Air Five (Audio Frenzy)
FUEL (pre-Epic) a/k/a Small the Joy
Moe Loughran (2002 American Music Award Winner)
Farewell June (Whiplash)
Audio Frenzy Entertainment, LLC (co-owner)
- Audio Frenzy Records
- Audio Frenzy Publishing
- Audio Frenzy Management
- Audio Frenzy Booking
Manic Drive (Whiplash)
Jill Parr (Whiplash)
Mitch Attales
Amy Huffman
Simon Apple (Trunk)
Crack Babies
Fuzland Pilgrimz
Mud Puppy
and many others...