August Rain is an exciting, new band; growing out of each members friendship and a love for playing music. Band members Frank & Denise Bowen (drums, keyboard), Paul Kendall (lead guitar, vocals), Matthew Janzen (bass, vocals), and Joshua Kirk (rhythm guitar, lead vocals) have forged a musical extension of their relationship with the goal of bringing a fresh voice of hope and inspiration through their performances.

Four of the five band members have played regularly for several years (and continue to do so) as part of their church’s weekly services. But the first seeds of August Rain’s formation didn’t happen until one weekend in 2007, when drummer Frank Bowen called his long-time friend Joshua Kirk to flesh out the music to a few lyrics he had felt inspired to write. From that impromptu collaboration session, the band’s current hits “Wonderful Savior” and “Yahweh Highway” were born. Spurred on with a new-found spirit of creativity, the band began collectively working towards compiling and recording an album of original music. Several months later, the songs evolved with a lyrical dynamic that remained true to their spiritual roots without being “preachy.” With the release of their self-titled album in 2008, they also discovered the music had instant crossover appeal, with “Yahweh Highway” getting airplay on country stations as well as Christian radio.

Combining influences from modern country with overtones of classic southern rock and the blues, August Rain has a musical style that relates to cross-generational audiences. Their songs resonate with an instantly familiar-feeling sound, coupled with lyrics that reflect the simple authenticity of being a Christian in everyday life. The music is uplifting in its message, memorable in its rhythm, and presented with a sincerity of purpose in bringing honor and glory to their Savior.

Here’s what others are saying about August Rain and their music…

“Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for ministering at the Back to School Bash! You did much more than sing or perform, you blessed everyone there! Counting down the time until we can get back together!”
-- Chuck Tatum, Pastor Mt. Pleasant Apostolic Church

“We were putting together our first edition of 94.9 The Bull’s local (Atlanta) music show, Backyard Country, when I first heard August Rain’s “Yahweh Highway” on their Myspace page. I remember checking to make sure these guys were not signed to a major label because we wanted the show’s music to be organic and homegrown. I thought, ‘There’s no way this sophisticated of a song is not hooked up with one of the majors.’ To my delight, and the audience’s as well, we rolled out “Yahweh Highway” on the very first edition of Backyard Country and we play it still. No matter who you are or what you believe, this is a good song, period.”
-- Scott Lindy - Radio Host of Backyard Country

“August Rain has been a great band to have on our program. They are professional, arriving on time and working within our hectic "live" schedule. Their music has a style you can't get out of your head; in a good way.”
-- Rick Goins - Producer WATC's ATLANTA LIVE