Prodigal Son Entertainment℠ & Consulting was founded in 1999 by music industry veteran Scott Williams. 

After working in management on the east coast for the platinum band Live's mangement and then representing Fuel before they signed to Epic Records, Scott opened shop in Music City USA - Nashville, TN in 1999 offering personal artist management, booking and consulting services to artists, labels and consulting in other industries including healthcare / insurance.  In 2010 as the economy continued to decline a decision was made to only offer consulting assistance to select clients. 

So it's now 2018 and what maybe coming in the future?  A book is in the infant stages, new music since it's been decades since I worked on my own music and the blog is in development finally.  Check out the page on Restless Resources℠ for more about my woodworking adventures. 

Scott E. Williams
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